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STANDARD SITTING- $200 order deposit.*
30 minutes maximum time with your photographer, yielding no more than 6 groupings with multiple images of each.

EXTENDED SITTING- $200 order deposit plus $100 session fee.*
60 minutes with your photographer, yielding up to 10 groupings with multiple images of each. 

Image variety and grouping options vary by group, limited solely by session length and group size. We will make every effort to be expeditious without compromising quality! Please be on time to your session.  If you are late, you forfeit your scheduled session.  This enables us to respect the appointment time of the group that is after you in the same way we respect yours.

* Order deposits are applied towards (subtracted from) your order subtotal and should be considered as a minimum order. Session fees are a flat fee and cover the additional cost of photographing your group. Both Deposits and Session Fees are non-refundable within 2 weeks of your scheduled session date. If you are a guest with Siebert Realty than the Order Deposit is waived, you will only be required to pay the $100 session fee if applicable for your sitting.


This is only a sample of our pricing and products!

If you would like to receive additional pricing and hear about our other products than please call us at 757-306-1800.

Photographic Prints
(8) Wallet Prints $49
4x6 Print $45
5x7 Print $49
8x10 Print $59
11x14 Print $155
16x20 Print $298
20x24 Print $447
20x30 Print $560
30x40 Print $1068
OPTIONAL: Metallic Photographic Paper Add 20%
Special Photo Products
Digital Images Download of 30 Min. Session
Download of 60 Min. Session

Digital images are suited for online use and printing up to 8x10 only. Larger prints should always be ordered separately in addition.

Gallery Wraps Available in various sizes from 5x7 to 20x60
Call for pricing.
Metal Prints
Available in various sizes 4x6 to 40x60
Call for pricing.
Show off you images on iPhone & iPad covers, Dog Tags, and other gift ideas!
Call for pricing.
Wedding Packages
Digital Coverage
Includes all digital images and 2-Hours of Wedding coverage.
Wedding Album & Digital Files
Includes a beautiful 10x10 Wedding Album with up to 60 images, all digital files and 2-Hours of Wedding coverage.
Additional Coverage
Billed by hour, all images taken during Additional Coverage hours will be added to your digital images. Additional Coverage begins when your initial 2-Hour coverage ends.

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