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Terms of Use

Appointment options:

STANDARD SITTING - 30 minutes maximum time with your photographer, yielding 4 to 6 groupings with multiple images of each. Larger groups take more time, so you may not have time for 6 groupings; you may have only time for 3.  We will make every effort to be expeditious without compromising quality! Please be on time to your session.  If you are late, you forfeit your session length.  This enables us to respect the appointment time of the group that is after you in the same way we respect yours.

EXTENDED SITTING  – 60 minutes with photographer, yielding up to 10 groupings with multiple images of each.  Larger groups take more time so you may not have time for 10 groupings; you may have only time for 7 or 8.  We will make every effort to be expeditious without compromising quality!  Please be on time to your session.  If you are late, you forfeit your session length.  This enables us to respect the appointment time of the group that is after you in the same way we respect yours.

Session pricing:
STANDARD SITTING- $200 order deposit.* This is waived if you are a Siebert Realty guest.
EXTENDED SITTING- $200 order deposit and $100 session fee.* If you are a Siebert Realty than the Order Deposit is waived, you will only be required to pay the $100 session fee. 

*Order deposits are applied towards (subtracted from) your order subtotal and should be considered as a minimum order. Session fees are a straight fee and are non-refundable within 2 weeks of your scheduled session date.

Siebert Realty guests: For each house or unit rented, Siebert Realty provides one Standard Sitting per rental with no obligation to purchase images. Please provide your rental address for verification.  If you are renting through another company, the deposit payment is required to secure your appointment.  Please make your payment online with MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Session confirmation: Your session is not formally scheduled until you have received a written email from us with your date and time.  Feel free to request a certain day and time, but please do not consider that an appointment.  You must have an email from Sandpiper Portraits confirming your session time.

On to your photo session...
Feed the kids!
Be on time or early!
Come happy or come and fake it!!

Important Policies: 

Rain Date:
Sometimes weather happens!  Schedule early in the week to ensure that your group has rescheduling options.  We will make every effort to reschedule your appointment.  We want and appreciate your business!

No Show: 
We ask that you be respectful of our time.  If you change your mind, please email us as soon as possible or, at the very latest, 48 hours before your appointment.  If you cannot keep your appointment, please give us a 48-hour notice; otherwise you forfeit your free session gift from Seibert Realty. 

We hope this never happens to you or your family.  Kindly have a family member notify us if someone is hospitalized or so ill that a photography session is inappropriate.

Model Release:
When you meet your photographer or their assistant, you will be invited to sign a model release.  We do this with the intention of showing other families what beautiful photography looks like; we are not selling your images or any information that we gather in the process of doing business with Sandpiper Portraits.  No names are ever associated with the images we use on our website or printed materials.  We respect your privacy.  However, if it’s still a problem for you, don't sign the model release … it's no problem for us either! 

Image Variation:
The time of day can greatly affect the look of your images.  Be aware that not all of our images will look the same. Sun, clouds, and time of day render different image qualities.  This results in differing tonal values and contrast in photography.  (Causes images to have different looks!!) If your eyes are extremely sensitive, you should choose an appointment time at the end of the day.  If that is not available with Sandpiper Portraits, than feel free to contact R. Gregory Photography (757-463-3353) to determine if the time you desire is available through their studio. 

Order Online:
Your images will be ready to view online within 48 hours of your session, and you will be notified via a text or email message containing login information.

Three-week Online Viewing Time: 
After 3 weeks, your images will be removed from the online platform. You may have them reloaded for a fee of $15.00 plus tax, after which you will have an additional 3 weeks to place your order.

Order questions?
Email or call us at or 757-306-1800
We will ship your order in approximately 4 weeks. If you order 2 CDs of images, they will be shipped to one location unless otherwise specified (additional shipping fees apply).

Digital Image Size:
The size of the images on CD are printable up 8x10 safely. Larger prints should be ordered separately through our online store to ensure quality.
WHY? :  There are a lot of factors that contribute to this policy. Not all digital files are equal! Sometimes the custom cropping our clients request will reduce the file size. Sometimes your photographer will agree to photograph in much darker conditions than normal, forcing them to increase their ISO, this also will compromise the quality by making the image 'grainy.' These are only two common factors of many. If you are looking to hang your portraits in your home for a long time than you will want to make sure that they are prepared for the larger sizes and that the quality is as high as it can be. Creating a large print means that the file will receive additional sharpening, (sometimes) noise reduction, contrast, artistic toning & vignetting as well as being properly interpolated to the final print size. We take great care in your portraits and are unable to offer this service for digital files without increasing the cost of the CD/Download dramatically.    

If you do not know how to crop or resize images for different prints with different proportions, consider ordering our prints online.  Let us do the work; our portraits are printed at a professional color lab. You will love the difference between our lab and your pharmacy!

If you receive your order and there is a discrepancy,(ie: size, quantity,crop) please notify us immediately and we will correct it. We strive for perfection and have a wonderful record. Your happiness is very important to us!

Image Retention:
We are unable to keep your images indefinitely, so be sure to place your orders within 6 months of your session. 2017 will be here faster than you know it and we will need to make room for the next year's guests!