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Viewing Appointments

All orders of $549 or more placed during an in-person viewing appointment will get $50 off!

Viewing appointments are the best way to make sure you get the most out of your images. See all of your portraits at their final print size and cropping, see all of the printing products and options in person and get creative with groupings and artwork ideas that you may otherwise never think of!

Take the uncertainty out of online orders; know exactly what you are ordering and be confident that you are not ordering too much or too little for what you need! In only an hour or less, your whole group can complete their orders and head home with the peace of mind that their prints are going to safely arrive to their home and ready to hang on their walls without any headache. 

Your session can still be added to our online store for other family members to view and order from upon request without any extra charge. 

* Viewing appointments take place in our Sandbridge office before your group leaves the area. This discount is only available during in-person appointments and will not be honored for orders placed online.